Round Table Environmental Informatics

We create environmental data analytics systems using cutting-edge cloud computing technologies


Data Analytics Systems

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Environmental Decision Support

Make better environmental management, water resource and resource extraction decisions with spatially enable decision support tools

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Water Resource Management

Manage water quantity and quality datasets for improved environmental performance and regulatory compliance

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Biological Monitoring and Management

We use image and sound analytics to find species at risk, or species of concern

We support your journey to sustainability through custom digital solutions crafted to your needs.


Computational intelligence

Applying computational intelligence to environmental data
Environmental informatics is the science of information applied to environmental science. As such, it provides the information processing and communication infrastructure to the interdisciplinary field of environmental sciences aiming at data, information and knowledge integration, the application of computational intelligence to environmental data as well as the identification of environmental impacts of information technology.

Big Data AnaLYTICS

Cloud Enabled

Open Science

Crafted to your needs

Microsoft Partner

Microsoft Partner

Registered AWS Consulting Partner

AWS Consulting Partner

We believe that environmental information can be applied for the betterment of peoples well-being.

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